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Yegi lashes and classes are used by top lash artists all over the globe. Yegi’s passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and she loves helping other entrepreneurs to follow in her footsteps. Whether you just finished your first eyelash extension course or you’re already an experienced lash technician, there’s always more to learn. Follow our blog for exciting industry news, tips, and more!

The Beginning, The Middle, The Journey

Deciding on a career path is the hard part - Yegi Trinity, a segment of Yegi Beauty, is here to make the rest of the process easy for becoming an expert of eyelash extensions as a lash technician. Start here to find comfort in choosing a career in eyelash extensions services, and the journey will be fun, exciting, and fulfilling.

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What To Do When Eyelash Extensions Get Stuck to the Bottom Eyelashes | Eyelash Extensions 101

Hey guys! We are back with a brand new quick tutorial - a common issue that beginner lash techs have is getting the bottom lashes stuck to the lash extensions. We have all had that sheer moment of panic when we realize the lashes are stuck and we are doing everything possible to make sure the client doesn't find out anything is happening.  We hope this video will help you know what to do and how to avoid this issue!  Make sure to like and subscribe for more lash tutorials and informative videos!   If you have any further questions, all of our social media links are below!  For Training and Certification options, click here. IG @lifeofyegi, @yegibeauty @yegilashes  Twitter @yegilashes Facebook: Yegi Lashes & Yegi...

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What Eyelash Extensions To Use For Light Eyelashes | Classic Brown Eyelash Extension Tutorial

 One of the most common questions we get is what eyelashes to use for the clients who have thinner or light eyelashes, or who are just more fair in general! We have slowly started to roll out our brown eyelash extensions from our mink line and have a new classic eyelash extension tutorial out for you guys using them! A few things to note - our brown lashes are a bit curlier than our usual C or D curls - our brown lashes in the C curl are close to a CC or C+ curl and our D curl is close to a DD or D+ curl.  Also, for this client in particular, we would opt for a shorter length...

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Knowledge Leads to Success

Success doesn’t happen overnight. While you can certainly start earning some extra money with lash treatments, it takes time to truly become a master of your craft. Yegi’s goal is to provide you with the training and products you need to reach your full potential. If becoming your own boss is your goal, Yegi lashes can get you there—but only if you commit to ongoing growth and education.

Keep Up with Yegi Beauty

You got into the beauty industry because it’s fun and flexible, right? We’re right there with you. Be sure to check back regularly to see our latest updates. We love connecting with friends old and new, so don’t be a stranger! As always, if you have any questions about anything you read, we encourage you to get in touch. Start a new career or expand your services with Yegi lashes!