A Little Taste Of The Yegi Academy Demo

A Little Taste Of The Yegi Academy Demo

Yegi Beauty has improved and grown so much in 2019; the Yegi Team is always super excited to have all of ya'll soak it allllll in. 

Recently, we uploaded Eyelash Extension Training Online - Yegi Academy Demo on our YouTube Channel because it's time to re-introduce what it is like to be taught by Yegi Academy!

So, as Netflix always asks...are you still watching? Well, you should be. Simply put, the video is basically clips from our online class in order to show what our courses consist of. 

Now, if you've been reading the Yegi Trinity blog, you've noticed the three components to the company and brand - the salon, the academy, and the products. But what if...the Yegi Academy had a triple trifecta of its own?!

Let me explain. Yegi Academy has developed into the United States & Canada Tour, an Educator Course AND online courses! 

There's so much fabulous information, my head may potentially explode. (At least my eyelash extensions will look amazing) 

Let's take the risk, shall we? The Yegi Academy on-site courses have a hands-on portion, which takes up more time than the videos, so you're really getting the full experience. Now, let's switch to online classes. The Yegi professionals are always available to look over photos and/or videos during the process. Even if you are halfway across the world, we try to make both options as personal as possible.

Email yegiacademy@gmail.com to get more info!

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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