Introducing The Yegi Beauty App

Introducing The Yegi Beauty App

Yegi Trinity, as a counterpart to Yegi Beauty, consistently prides itself on motivation and inspiration. Whether it's the jumpstart you need to start your lash technician career or the information to research on eyelash extensions services (and more), the Yegi Team makes it a priority to make any and all knowledge attainable. 

So, it's with great pleasure to introduce the Yegi Beauty App! It is available for Android as well as an Apple user. Check it out and download it in the iTunes Store and/or the Google Play Store. The 100th and 1000th download will win a $100.00 Gift Card!

It's essentially a simplified way to order lashes, and once you turn on Push notifications, you will find out about sales and other exciting events so quickly that you won't have time to bat a lash-ified eye. 

Let me give you a fabulous example on what an awesome tool this new addition to the Yegi family is: once you, as a lash technician, realize you're low on a specific product, you can easily add it to the cart to make sure you order it in order to avoid any disruptions to your lashing game!

Let me bless your lash artist reading eyes even more by letting ya'll know that you can also book Yegi Beauty salon services (eyelash extensions, facials, microblading, etc.) through the app...

...oh, you thought I was done? Here's another splash of oo-la-la and va-va-voom by stating that you can enroll in a Yegi Academy course on your mobile device...damn, even I had to take a moment to soak that in. 

So, it's literally Yegi Trinity, available with a download. 


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