Yegi Beauty Mega Volume 2.0

Yegi Beauty Mega Volume 2.0

It's MEGA lit, it's MEGA vibes, it's MEGA great. It's MEGA o'clock so let's not waste any more time and expand more on the Yegi Beauty Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions. Tick tock, don't miss out on this building block towards your lash technician career. 

History Lesson: Back when the Yegi Mink Volume Eyelash Extensions sat on the mighty throne, the lashing citizens had an unexpected visitor from the Mega Volume lashes, but it signified the future. Even though each lash tech can easily still prefer the original King over the new Prince in town (which is not frowned upon whatsoever) one can't help but feel drawn to the Mega Volume lashes due to how easy the product fans out and how efficient & time-saving it is. 

There is a peaceful alliance between the two, so go ahead and check out the comparison between the duo by watching How to Make Mega or Russian Volume Fans?'s definitely a #throwback yet informative. 

Speaking of the future, it's no wonder that our Yegi Beauty Kits include Mega Volume Lashes as part of the learning experience as well as part of the training via Yegi Academy.


Eyelash Extension Kit by Yegi Beauty


To be continued...again.



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