NEW- Adhesives

Using quality eyelash extension glue ensures that your clients are consistently thrilled with the results. After all, they want their new lashes to last for as long as possible! Yegi Beauty lash extension glue delivers an exceptional hold with minimal fumes. We even have scented glue to make your job more pleasant and keep clients happy. Check out all our options, including vegan eyelash glue, sensitive skin glue, and glue primer!

Eyelash Extension Glue. Check your humidity and speed and find the one that's right for you!

The science: The main ingredient of lash adhesives is a cyanoacrylate which provides the glue with adhesive quality. Without cyanoacrylate, the extensions wouldn't stick to the natural lashes. This ingredient is used in all eyelash adhesives, even those formulated for sensitive or allergic eyes.