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Eyelash tape is a must-have for both lash technicians and individual beauty gurus who want to learn how to apply their own extensions. The purpose of our clear lash tape is to create a smooth surface during application. Using tape will ensure that clients are comfortable and at ease. In addition, it allows for application to always be a breeze. Let Yegi Beauty help you take your lash game to a brand new level. All it takes is a bit of clear tape!

Tape It Up

You probably use white tape and/or under-eye patches when applying lash extensions. That’s a great way to start! However, placing a piece of clear eyelash tape on top of the white tape or patch offers another layer of ease and protection.

Our clear lash tape is simple, but it ensures a smooth surface during the application process. It prevents the eyelash extensions from sticking to either the tape or the patch. Lashes that stick are a pain to deal with all the way around, for you and the client. With clear tape in place, eyelashes that are stuck will detach easily with no damage.

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