Classic Eyelash Extensions Online Course & Certification

Classic Eyelash Extensions Online Course & Certification

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This product is an Online Only course for Classic Eyelash Extensions - kit is not included. We recommend the Class Kit if you need eyelash extension supplies.


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ONLINE Lash Classes | Eyelash Extensions Training and Certification | Classic  Eyelash Extensions

Online Instructor: Yegi


    Classic Only - This is a level 1 course. You will learn the basics of eyelash extensions and the application of classic eyelash extensions. 

    In this course you will learn theory, product descriptions and uses, client consultations, eyelash extension application and removal, hands on practice, before and after pictures, business training, marketing, and much more. All students who get certified are always welcome to come back for additional practice and/or support if needed free of cost!


    This is an online course for Classic Eyelash Extensions.

    Please email if you have any issues enrolling in or purchasing this course. 

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    • 90 day access to course begins once you have purchased the course. If you are having trouble accessing the course, please contact immediately. 


    • You will receive a physical certificate once you are approved for certification.
    • You can be under 18 and take this class, but additional signatures from a parent/guardian are required. 
    • You do not need a license to take this course, but you must do your due diligence and check your State/Country's rules and regulations for lash technicians. 
    • All classes are non-refundable - no exceptions. 

    **Kit and supplies are sold separately**

    *You will need a live model to practice on and send us pictures and/or videos before you get certified. We want to ensure that you are ready to lash before we certify you! We will give feedback and tips on what needs to change or improve if we see any mistakes from the pictures and videos you share with us. 


    Yegi Academy: What Can You Expect From Our Course?

    Our courses are designed to introduce you to the world of eyelash extensions and allow you to grow in your journey moving forward! 

    Classic Course:

    The Classic Course is designed for anyone – you don’t need to know anything about eyelash extensions to take this course. This course is an introductory course to eyelash extensions theory and the hands on techniques involved. Please remember, becoming a master lash technician will take additional practice after you have become certified, but we will guide you and prepare you to help start you on your journey!

    The theory video portion will go over some of the more technical sides of the lashing industry as well as introduce you to concepts in the eyelash extension theory and consulting with clients. 

    The rest of the videos will focus on exercises for hands on training. You will be working with classic eyelash extensions only. Keep in mind, you are welcome to come back to an on-site class with Yegi Beauty for no additional cost if you would like additional practice.

    Topics that will be covered:

    • New Client Forms
    • Business Tips
    • Theory On Classic, Hybrid & Volume Sets
    • Characteristics of Eyelash Extensions
    • Eyelash Extension Application Shapes
    • Consultations & Roleplay
    • Pulling Lashes
    • Isolation
    • Application
    • Eyelash Removal
    • Working On A Live Model
    • Useful Tips & Tricks From Your Educator - contact us via email or phone!