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Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier & Lamp
Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier & Lamp

Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier & Lamp

Keep your clients calm and relaxed while you work with this multi-functioning aroma diffuser, humidifier, and lamp. It is perfect for any beauty salon/room and provides your clients with the ultimate relaxation during their appointment!

  • Quantity:
    • Includes Sigle or Double aroma diffuser lamps
  • Large Capacity:
    • Holds up to 450ml of water, which can safely and continuously work 10-12 hours, suitable for large rooms
  • Versatility:
    • 3 in 1 functions! An oil diffuser, humidifier, and night light all in one
  • Timer Setting:
    • Press the mist button, select timer for 1h/2h/5h/Last
  • Automatic Shut-Off:
    • System automatically shuts off
  • 8 Color LED Light:
    • Colorful LED mood light can cycle through 8 colors or stay fixed on a specific color. Each color is adjustable between bright and dim (White, Green, Dark Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Blue and Dark Blue)

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