Volume Eyelash Extensions Training and Certification - Kit Included | Yegi Beauty
Volume Eyelash Extensions Training and Certification - Kit Included | Yegi Beauty

Volume Eyelash Extensions Training and Certification - Kit Included

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1-Day Course

Minimum 1 Day Course - we offer continuous support with the option for you to come in to future Volume only courses for free to continue practicing. 

Instructor: Yegi or Yegi Certified Instructor

    Location: The specific location will be emailed to you closer to the class date after enrollment. Normally the classes are held at a hotel conference room near downtown, with exception of our home office in LA. The LA class is held at a Yegi Beauty location near Burbank, CA 91502.


    • Atlanta, GA
    • Chicago, IL
    • Dallas, TX
    • Houston, TX
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Miami, FL
    • New York, NY
    • Phoenix, AZ
    • San Francisco, CA
    • Seattle, WA

    More dates added every month!

            Yegi Academy: What Can You Expect From Our Course?

            Our courses are designed to introduce you to the world of eyelash extensions and allow you to grow in your journey moving forward!

            About two weeks before class is set to start, you will gain access to supplemental videos that will help you dive into the world of eyelash extensions before we dive into the details! You will have access to these videos for up to three months after class for reference.

            Volume Course:

            The Volume Course is designed for anyone who has taken our Classic Course or is already proficient in the application of classic eyelash extensions. This course will cover the basics of volume eyelash extensions and introduce you to the different techniques for volume fans. Please note, though you will be practicing how to use most of the volume fan making techniques on a live model, the hand-made fans take a lot more practice than just one day of our course and you will need to continue to practice to perfect your skill after the class. Keep in mind, you are welcome to come back to a future class with Yegi Beauty for no additional cost if you would like additional practice.

            The course will have a video portion that will go over volume eyelash extensions specifically and will expand on lash terminology and consultations. The rest of the class will focus on exercises specifically for volume. The full second half of the day, you will have the option to work on a live model or your doll head. You will have the option to work on a hybrid look or full volume. If you are taking the combo course and did not have a model the first day, we strongly advise that you work on your lash model the second day. If you are taking the Volume Only course, we strongly advise that you work on a live model or come back to a future class and work on a live model.

            Topics that will be covered:

            • Business Tips
            • Pre Made and Hand Made Fans
            • Volume Terminology
            • Difference between 2D, 5D, 7D…
            • Consultations & Roleplay
            • Mapping
            • Using Pre-Made Fans
            • Creating Hand Made Fans
            • Working On a Live Model
            • Useful Tips & Tricks From Your Educator

            Our courses are designed with you in mind. With access to videos prior and after class, we help save you time and money and get you the most hands on time during class.

            **Kits include all of the tools you need to work on clients.

            Free Class Kit includes the following: 

            Yegi Large Travel Case  $     59.99
            Magnifying Glasses  $     34.99
            Magnetic Lash pad
             $     19.99
            Yegi Premium Adhesive (5mL)  $     29.99
            Yegi Primer (15ml)  $     12.99
            Yegi Under Eye Patches (10pk)  $       6.95
            Yegi Cream Remover (20ml)  $     18.25
            Yegi Tweezers: G-7, Y-5, F-1 (3 Total)  $     56.97
            White Tape  $       2.50
            Clear Tape  $       2.50
            Lash Wands  (20pk)  $       3.50
            Micro Brushes (20pk)  $       2.50
            Glue Rings (20pk)  $       4.00
            Premade Lash Tray (Faux/Synthetic Mink)  $     19.95
            Faux/Synthetic Mink Classic 0.15 C 10-15mm (Mix Tray)
             $     14.99
            Faux/Synthetic Mink Volume 0.07 C 10-15mm (Mix Tray)
             $     14.99
            Mega Volume 0.05 C+ 10-15mm (Mix Tray) (Faux/Synthetic Mink)  $     34.99
            Doll Head   $     29.99
            Practice Lashes   $       6.99
            Fan  $     17.99
            Lash Wash  $     23.99
            Kit Value  $   423.00

            *You need to have a classic eyelash extension certification to take this course.

            In this course you will learn theory, product knowledge, client consultations, eyelash extension application and removal, hands on practice, before and after pictures, business training, marketing, and much more. All students who get certified are always welcome to come back for additional practice and/or support if needed free of cost! You will also learn how to make volume fans using handmade and pre-made fans. 3 different techniques to do volume eyelash extensions. Hybrid style is also covered in this course along side mega volume.

            *Must provide a model (Family member, friend, whoever!) for course so you can practice on a live person. 

             *** Items in kit are subject to change depending on stock but you will be notified with the substitutions 


            Interested in a payment plan?


            We know $$ can be tight, but it shouldn’t stop you from following your dreams and investing in yourself! You asked and we listened!

            All classes will require a $250 deposit & a $50 Set-Up Fee* to secure a spot in class. The remaining balance will be split into 6 payments, paid on a monthly basis with an automatic payment.**

            Please note, the deposit will insure you get your kit right away.

            We have made the application process easy for your own convenience! Payment plans can start at any time as long as enrollment is open and available for the selected course. 

            If you are interested in applying for a payment plan, please call us at 818-955-5105 ext. 402 or email us at academy@yegibeauty.com for more information.

            * Set-Up Fee an additional fee. This does not go towards your class cost. 

            ** We reserve the right to report any unpaid payments to collection agencies or the credit bureau.  

            Volume Only On-Site Eyelash Extensions Class Payment Plan
            Total Cost with Set-Up Fee: $995

            Initial Deposit: $250 + $50 Set-Up Fee

            Then 6 Monthly Payments of $115.83


            Other Options: No Fees

            Secure your spot with a deposit! Use Promo Code DEPOSIT at checkout to pay 50% now! The remaining balance will be due on the day of class or before. 


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