4 Reasons We Love Lash Lifts

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Yegi Beauty Lash Lift

Lash Lift Benefits

Lash lifts are the newest trend in the beauty world, and it’s no wonder. There are many benefits of lash lifts, and it’s a versatile service that works for nearly any client! At Yegi Beauty, we’re pros at providing lash technicians and salon owners exactly what they need to jump on the newest trend in the industry. Check out the top four reasons we love lash lifts, as well as some of our favorite lash lift kits!

  • Enhances Natural Lashes

With a lash lift, you won’t need to apply extensions to the client’s natural lashes. All of our lash lifting kits work by perming, setting, and then nourishing the lashes. Whether you prefer the Permania kit or the Dolly kit, your clients will be delighted with their results. These kits build on your clients’ natural beauty and enhance their lashes for an out-of-this-world look! For clients who are hesitant to try lash extensions, recommend that they enjoy natural lash lift benefits instead!

  • Perfect for Short Lashes

One of our favorite lash lift benefits is that they’re designed for nearly every kind of lash. Even clients with super short or ultra-thin lashes can still see a significant difference from a perming and lifting treatment. A lash lift can make every type of lashes look longer and thicker than they did before!

If your client wants a bit of an extra boost to their lash lift, you can also offer tinting for both lashes and brows to take their treatment to the next level.

  • Creates Longer, Darker Lashes

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Not everyone naturally has lashes that curl up and away from their eyes. You may have noticed that some client’s natural lashes are straight or even face downwards. A lash lift benefits these types of lashes the most because the new angle takes them from looking stubby and short to appearing longer and fuller. Just changing the angle a little bit can make a huge difference!

Add a daily keratin boosting tonic to their treatment, and your client’s lashes will be even glossier and more vibrant!

  • An Ideal Alternative to Extensions

We already mentioned that lash lifts benefit natural lashes, but it’s worth saying again. The treatments are quicker and easier than extensions. They also create a very natural look for clients who prefer a more subtle vibe.

  • Easy Maintenance

Your clients are probably very busy, and lash maintenance may not be the first thing on their list. If they want to feel glamorous without extra aftercare, lash perms and lifts are a great choice. The benefits of lash lifts include fuller, thicker lashes with minimal fuss.

Our Favorite Lash Lift Kits

To help your clients enjoy some of these lash lift benefits, you need to stock up on a perming and lifting kit. Yegi Beauty currently carries a Permania Lift Kit, Permania Tint Kit, and Dolly Lift Kit. We also offer tons of other accessories you might need, like the keratin boosting tonic, refills for kits, and silicone lash forms. Shop everything you need in one convenient place to provide clients with premium lash lift treatments!

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