Eyelash Extension Class Kit with tweezers doll head brushes lashes fan all in easy travel case

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Eyelash Extensions Training Kit with Mannequin

Whether you’re thinking about adding eyelash extensions to your list of services as a beautician or you want to become an educator, Yegi Beauty can help you learn everything you need to know. Our online courses and eyelash extensions training kit provide you with the tools and materials needed to learn from the comfort of your own home. You can purchase this kit separately if you are already a master lash artist and are just looking for the perfect eyelash extensions training kit for your students and lash classes. This lash kit is

What’s In the Kit?

The Class Kit is one of several kits that’s designed with the student in mind! It has everything you need to get started with lashing for classic, hybrid, and volume eyelash extensions for the best price possible. This eyelash extension training kit comes with all of the products listed below:

Yegi Large Travel Case  $59.99 
Magnifying Glasses for Eyelash Extensions  $34.99 
Magnetic Lash Pad  $19.99 
Yegi Premium Adhesive (5ml)  $29.99 
Yegi Primer (15ml)  $12.99 
Yegi Under Eye Patches (10pk)  $6.95 
Yegi Cream Remover (20ml)  $18.25 
Yegi Tweezers | G-7 - Straight Edge  $27.99 
Yegi Tweezers | G-2 - Lightly Curved  $27.99 
Yegi Tweezers | L-2 - Volume Hand Made Fans  $24.99 
White tape  $2.50 
Clear tape  $2.50 
Lash Wands (20pk)  $3.50 
Micro-Brushes (20pk)  $2.50 
Glue Rings (20pk)  $4.00 
Yegi Mink Classic & Volume 0.15 C 10-15mm (Mixed Tray)  $14.99 
Yegi Mink Volume 0.07 C 10-15mm (Mix Tray)  $14.99 
Yegi Mega Volume 0.05 C+ 10-15mm (Mixed Tray)  $28.99 
Yegi Pre-Made Tray 5D / C / 12mm  $19.95 
Doll Head (Dark Skin)  $29.99 
Practice Training Lashes  $6.99 
Bumble Bee Fan  $19.99 
Yegi Lash Foam Cleanser Set  $23.99 
Kit Value  $439.00 
Your Price  $350.00 
Savings  $89.00 

This entire eyelash extension training kit is valued at $439.00, but we provide amazing discounts for all our students and educators, so you get it for $350.00.

*Some items are subject to change with similar items if we are out-of-stock at the time. But don’t worry; the value of the replacement is always the same or an upgrade!*


Use Promo Code DEPOSIT at checkout to pay 50% now and secure your spot! The remaining balance will be due before or on the day of class. We do not offer monthly payment plans.

Classes are currently based in our Los Angeles home office or online. To find a class closer to you, please email academy@yegibeauty.com. Follow us on social media to stay tuned for our future US class tours! 


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Customer Reviews

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Kasandra Fraga
In love with all the products ❤️

Love all the products !! And i am looking forward to have the online certificate class 😻❤️


I love the fact everything is inside the kit for a head start ♥️👌

Sophia Serrant
Eyelash kit insta

Love all the products!! I really wanna practice more to be a good & give fly eyelashes ❤️ I love all the products I bought some & they are worth it and good ty ❤️


As an educator, we always want to provide the best material for a our students!

I used to provide the starter kit but went ahead and upgraded to this lash kit since it provides much more and students do not have to purchase anything else out of pocket. High recommendation!

Jamie prsha
Thank you yegi!!

Everything you need +some to start your lashing career