Cashmere Easy Fanning Lashes I 0.02

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NEW! The Yegi Cashmere Easy Fanning Lashes are the thinnest and lightest easy fanning lashes on the market! Each lash is only 0.02mm thick!

Our Cashmere Easy Fanning Lashes are gorgeous, easy to apply, 100% vegan, and latex-free. They deliver that wonderfully fluffy light look that clients absolutely adore. These lashes are extremely easy to fan out without falling apart, thanks to the special adhesive that’s bonded at the base. Perfect for any size fan. The lightness of the lashes makes it possible to create huge mega fans the easy way without weighing down the client's natural lashes!  

Mix Trays available in C and D curl

Single trays and more sizes coming soon!!

8mm-14mm or 10mm-16mm length

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