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This Eyelash Tonic from Yegi Beauty is the perfect way to nourish your lashes with a keratin boost that improves their look and feel. You can use this serum right after perming and even for everyday use. It also works on lash extensions! We love this tonic for our clients because you can help their lashes grow longer and shine brighter. Our Yegi Beauty experts recommend using the serum on everyone who wants to grow healthy strong lashes — even if they’re using lash extensions.

Tonic Features

The Keratin Boost Eyelash Tonic is a versatile product that you can add to your regular lineup. It’s the perfect choice after any eyelash treatment. With the power of keratin, you’re providing clients the protection their lashes need. Some benefits of our serum include:

  • Activation of Epithelial Cells
  • Glossier, More Vibrant Lashes
  • Can Be Used On Eyebrows

Instructions for Use

Depending on whether you’re buying our Eyelash Tonic for personal use or for your clients, there are several ways to use it.

For Everyday Use

Apply the serum every morning on your natural lashes. Leave it on for at least five minutes. You can let the tonic do its work for up to two hours before washing it off.

After a Lash Treatment

After perming or lifting a client’s lashes, apply this serum. Leave it on the lashes for five minutes before washing it off in the salon, or instruct them to wash it off when they get home. Let your clients know they can leave the serum on for a maximum of two hours.

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