Changing the world, one lash at a time.

Yegi Beauty started off as a full-service salon in Burbank, CA in 2015. Within a year, Yegi fell in love with eyelash extensions and decided to revamp the salon into an eyelash extensions specialty studio. Soon after, she launched Yegi Academy and Product Line. At that point, she had been working with eyelash extensions for nine years and was not pleased with the products and education that was out there. Her passion for eyelash extensions was so high she wanted to educate and grow the eyelash extensions industry to make sure it wasn’t just a passing fad.

Today, the eyelash extensions industry is booming and Yegi Beauty is one of the top recognized brands nationwide for quality products and education. Not only does our online store ship worldwide we also offer both online and on-site classes.

We proudly offer a wide range of specialty products and supplies for eyelash extensions so you can provide your clients with first-class services and boost your bottom line.

Whether you’re considering becoming an eyelash extension technician or you’re already a licensed expert looking to grow in your field, you’ll find incredibly valuable information and a lifetime of ongoing support. Yegi will even teach you how to become an educator so you can build your audience. Jumpstart your career and become your own boss; we’re here to make your dream a reality.

You don’t need to be an industry professional to fall in love with our products and services! We work with many vibrant beauty enthusiasts at many different salons who simply enjoy making you look your best using our eyelash extension kits. So next time you're making your eyelash appointment at a local salon, make sure to ask your stylist to use Yegi products.


Yegi is a young entrepreneur who has always been curious and hardworking. You can say she has always seen things out of the box and been able to creatively solve difficult problems. Her cool and collective spirit in life and business makes you want to be around her. She thrives on inspiring others and helps others see things from a positive point of view. To hear her story, read this Shopify article she was featured in: “Overdraft: When This Self-Made Beauty Boss Risked Everything


GRIT: Courage, indomitable spirit, conscientiousness, endurance, perseverance, resilience, optimism, confidence, and excellence

Yegi Beauty aims to empower, motivate, engage, reward, provide world-class customer service, focus on health and wellness, and work as a team to earn your business and guarantee your satisfaction.


Our vision is to be the world’s preferred boutique eyelash extensions brand, while changing the world one lash at a time.


Our purpose is to spread love, positivity and help others reach their full potential. We believe that looking good makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you are empowered to change the world for the better. We are going to fulfill our purpose by providing high quality lash extensions education with accessibility to premium products for all beauty professionals. We want to be known as “that brand that changed my life".


I chose the peacock to be the symbol of Yegi Beauty because I love what it represents and how it relates to beauty. In general, the peacock symbolizes integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we show our true colors. In history and mythology, it has represented nobility, vision, guidance, holiness, protection, watchfulness, glory, royalty, awakening, refinement, incorruptibility, kind-heartedness, spirituality, nurturing, and an emblem of love.