An Introduction to Yegi Beauty’s Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

woman with eyes closed surrounded by flowers

woman with eyes closed surrounded by flowers

At Yegi Beauty, we are proud to be a pioneer in the eyelash extension industry. We are delighted to share the knowledge we have gained from our years of expertise, as well as provide you with our superior lash extension products. Our goal is to help you turn your business into a success. To help, we’ve put together this eyelash extension guide to help you select which lash extensions are right for your business.

Infographics for Different Eyelash Extensions by Yegi Beauty

Mink Volume

In examining our different types of eyelash extensions, we want to start with our Mink Volume Vegan Lashes. Once known as the Silver Sticker Lashes, Mink Volume Vegan Lash Extensions have been reimagined, and they’re better than ever! Featherweight and satiny to the touch, our new version is entirely vegan, cruelty-free, and latex-free. To meet all of your clients’ desires, Yegi offers Vegan Mink Lashes in B, C, D, and L curls, as well as various lengths and thicknesses.

Matte Mink Vegan

Second in our eyelash extension guide is our Matte Mink Vegan Lashes, which offer a classic look. Light as a feather and soft as silk, these lash extensions are simple to apply. These professional vegan lashes are 100% cruelty-free and latex-free. They give your clients a beautiful, traditional option for their eyelash extensions. Available in single length and mix trays, our Matte Mink Eyelash Extensions come in a variety of thicknesses and curls.

Russian Pre-Made Volumes

A different type of eyelash extensions we love is our Russian Volume Pre-Made Lashes. Designed to deliver long-lasting results, our Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are pre-made eyelash fans that are available in mix trays from 9mm-14mm in .07 thickness. Easy-to-apply, they work optimally with a one-second adhesive, especially with the Yegi Mega Hold Glue for best results. Each set is heat bonded and widely fanned. Our Russian Pre-Made Volumes are latex-free and cruelty-free.

Mega Volume 2.0

The fourth option in our eyelash extension guide is our Mega Volume 2.0 Vegan Lashes. Easy to apply, Mega Volume 2.0 Lashes are matte, latex-free, and totally luxurious. They give clients that marvelously wispy effect that they positively love. Their soft and fluffy texture, and the unique adhesive that connects them at the base, makes them fan out easily. Excellent if your client wants a full, dark, voluminous look, our Mega Volume 2.0 features a longer-lasting curl. Our second generation of Mega Volume Eyelashes have improved bonding, foil backing and are available in new sizes and thicknesses.

Matte Flat Ellipse

a display of Yegi Beauty Matte Flat Ellipse LashesThe fifth different type of eyelash extensions we want to highlight is our Matte Flat Ellipse Lashes. You may find that some clients like the look of eyelash extensions, except for the way they shine. For those preferences, our Matte Flat Ellipse Lashes are the solution. As a bonus, they are specially designed to bond perfectly to natural eyelashes, making them last longer. Their shape also offers a fluffier look than other styles. Available in a wide variety of thicknesses and lengths, our Matte Flat Ellipse Lashes are 100% cruelty-free and latex-free.

Colored Lashes

The sixth product in our eyelash extension guide is our Colored Lashes. Available in purple, green, red, or blue, our Colored Lashes will make you stand out from the crowd magnificently. Wearing Colored Lashes lets everyone know that you have arrived. You are oozing with confidence and individuality. You know who you are, and you aren’t afraid to show it. Join the movement and make a bold statement with our Easy Fanning Colored Lashes from Yegi Beauty.

Yegi Beauty: We Are Here for You

When you take one of our training courses, we offer you free lifetime support. We will also gladly offer you tips and tricks for using our products. Take advantage of free US shipping at $100 and free international shipping at $250. Why not start a new career and work for yourself? We offer both online and on-site courses. Get in touch with us any time for more information. We can’t wait to hear from you!   

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