C Curl vs. D Curl: Hybrid Eyelash Extension Tips

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 If you’re trying to choose between C curl vs. D curl lash extensions, try combining both together! Many clients absolutely adore the dynamic hybrid look you get from mixing C and D curl lashes. 

Once you feel comfortable performing standard lash treatments, it’s definitely okay to start branching out by blending various curls, as well as thicknesses and lengths. Create new looks that keep your clients coming back again and again!

Understanding the Difference

Before you start offering hybrid lash extension services, it’s important that you’re confident in your knowledge of the different types of lashes. Once you understand how they work individually, you can blend them like a pro! Let’s take a look at the differences between C curl vs. D curl lashes.

C Curls: Cool and Casual

C curls tend to be the most popular option. They make the eyes pop without being too dramatic. They create a lifted look that really helps the client’s eyes look more open. C curls deliver a look that’s actually quite similar to natural lashes that have been curled with a lash curler. It’s perfect for clients who want to add some visual excitement to their eyes while still keeping it on the subtle side.

D Curls: Daring and Dramatic

D for Drama! D curls offer more of a full, statement-making look. The lash extensions have a strong curl that points right at the client’s eyebrows. If your client is having a tough time deciding between C curl vs. D curl lashes, blending them is a great way to deliver the best of both worlds. That said, D curls look fabulous on their own, but only if the client really wants lots of fun, fluttery, doll-like drama.

Learn the Technique

A lash tech applying lash extensions in a salon

Now that you understand the differences between the two styles, you can see why mixing C and D curl lashes is such a popular technique! Many clients want something that pops a bit more than natural, curled lashes, but they’re not quite ready to go all-in with dramatic D curls.

In our Hybrid Lash extension Tutorial Video, Yegi shows you how to take the decision of C curl vs. D curl and create a gorgeous in-between aesthetic! She uses Yegi Mink Classic Eyelash Extensions in 0.15 thickness in a D curl and Yegi Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions in 0.05 thickness in a C curl.

Shop High-Quality Lash Supplies

We hope this tutorial helps you boost your skills and add new services to your salon! Our high-quality lash extensions are vegan and cruelty-free, delivering incredible results. 

Browse our lash extension products to find all the accessories you need. Now that you know how to decide between C curl vs. D curl (or both!), pick up some extra sets so you can practice. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to follow our beauty blog for more expert tips!

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