Eyelash Extension Style Guide: Which Should You Choose?

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Welcome to our eyelash extension style guide! Here at Yegi Beauty, we offer a wide variety of eyelash extension looks so you can express yourself with the perfect aesthetic to suit your unique personality. Whether you’re planning an appointment with your lash tech or looking to add new options to your salon’s service menu, this handy guide will help you choose a style that matches your vibe. 

1. Mega Volume

Mega Volume lashes are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for dark, full, and glamorous lashes. They’re soft and light yet fluffy and voluptuous, and the tapered edges give you a wonderfully wispy look. As you read this eyelash extension style guide, think about your overall style. Mega Volume lashes deliver a bold look—they’re not subtle, and that’s why so many people love them! Our Mega Volume 2.0 lashes are also a great choice if you want something with a stronger curl.

2. Russian Volume

Russian Volume lashes (also known as 3D Volume) have a much thinner profile. However, each fan is applied to a single lash, and each fan has 3-6 lash extensions, creating a thick, dramatic appearance. Mega Volume and Russian Volume lashes are both on the more extreme end of the spectrum. And, of course, as you read this eyelash extension style guide, if you have any questions about which one to choose, our friendly experts are more than happy to steer you in the right direction!

3. Pre-Made Lash Fans

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Our Pre-Made Lash Fans let you customize the amount of fullness to your exact preferences. For a more natural eyelash extension look, choose 2D or 3D; for a more dramatic look, choose 6D or 7D. 4D and 5D offer a nice middle ground. They’re super soft and light, but they can also provide a very dramatic appearance. These fans are ideal if you have a very specific look in mind—just talk to your lash tech about the right thickness.

4. Matte Flat (Ellipse)

Next up on our eyelash extension style guide, we have Matte Flat (Ellipse) lashes. This style is perfect if you want bold, thick lashes without the shine. They won’t reflect light, so the look is a bit more subtle, yet still quite dramatic. If you’re looking for something in the middle of the thickness scale, our Matte Flat 2.0 lashes offer some additional size options.

5. Colorful Lashes

If you really want to go all-out with your lashes, consider our Colorful lashes or our Rainbow lashes. These vibrant lashes are perfect for special events, or you can rock them anytime you’re in the mood for a splash of gorgeous color.

Get in Touch for Expert Advice

We hope this eyelash extension style guide has helped you with your choice! We carry a variety of other lash extensions and strip eyelashes, so have a look around to find the perfect set. If you’re still not sure which style to choose, please feel free to get in touch so we can provide a personalized recommendation. Of course, if you’re a lash tech, we highly recommend keeping all styles on hand so you never have to turn away a client. Shop quality supplies at Yegi Beauty!

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