How to Use Eyelash Primer: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Lash Primer?
  3. Clean Lashes
  4. Apply to microbrush applicators
  5. Evenly Distribute & Fan
  6. Should You Use Lash Primer?

Tools & Materials

  1. Lash Cleansing Foam
  2. Soft Cotton Pads
  3. Eyelash Extension Primer
  4. Micro Applicators
  5. Disposable Mascara Wand

Eyelash Primer: An Introduction

There are many different techniques and practices when it comes to lash extensions. While some aestheticians don’t use eyelash primer, we believe it’s an essential part of prepping lashes for extensions. You use a primer before applying makeup, nail technicians use a primer before applying gel polish, and even painters use a primer before applying the first coat to a wall. The point of primer in all of these cases is to ensure a better application that prolongs the amount of time that the lashes, makeup, nail polish, or paint last. If you’re ready to learn how to use eyelash primer, read our step-by-step guide!

What is Lash Primer?

Before learning how to use eyelash primer, you need to understand what it is. Like every other type of primer, this is a material that’s applied as a sort of base coat to your client’s real eyelashes before applying the extensions. It’s specially formulated to strip the natural lash of oils and residue without damaging them to allow the extensions to sit better on the natural lash. Primer also alters the pH level of the natural lashes to make bonding easier.

Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you’re ready to learn how to use eyelash primer, follow these steps to ensure amazing results!

  1. Cleanse eyes with a lash wash or a mild oil-free cleanser
  2. Shake primer to mix liquid
  3. Use one drop of primer on lint free micro brushes. You may dab the micro brush on a tissue to get rid of excess liquid. You want to use very little.
  4. Apply to the natural eyelashes prior to lash extensions application both from on top and underneath to make sure lashes are fully covered with primer
  5. Dry with a fan then you can start apply extensions

Should You Always Use Primer?

woman with natural lashes

Now you know what lash primer is and how to apply eyelash primer to natural lashes. Is this something you should do for every client? At Yegi Beauty, we say ABSOLUTELY! You want to ensure the best application and longest-lasting treatment for your clients, and lash primer is the best tool you can use. While some clients, like those with oily skin and hair, may need more primer, even clients with dry skin and hair can benefit from its bonding power.

With this step-by-step guide helping you figure out how to apply eyelash primer, you have no excuses not to use it! Feel like you need a little more instruction? Sign up for our courses or reach out to our lash experts today for additional guidance.

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