Tips to Set Up Your Eyelash Extension Salon

A modern beauty salon setup

A modern beauty salon setup

Your salon setup plays a big part in your short and long-term success as a lash tech. Creating a welcoming environment for both you and your clients requires some thought and planning. We want you to succeed, so we’ve compiled some tips we’ve gained through our experience over the years. Follow these salon setup ideas to help your business thrive!

1. Visit Other Beauty Salons

Before you start setting up your salon, you should have a good idea of what a salon should look like! As a lash tech, you’ve probably visited plenty of beauty salons, but from the perspective of a client, not an entrepreneur. While you don’t want to copy someone else’s salon setup, it always helps to get some ideas, and it never hurts to be familiar with your competition!

2. Let Your Personality Shine

Your salon is your happy place! You worked hard to create this business, so have some fun with it. One of the main reasons why people take lash tech classes is to become their own boss and enjoy the creative and personal freedom that provides. Create a space that gets you excited to wake up and go to work every day. From there, success follows naturally.

3. Invite Friends and Family for a Dry Run

A woman at a salon getting her eyelashes done

While having creative control is a wonderful feeling, it’s always wise to get a second and third opinion on your salon setup. Before opening your doors to the public, invite people close to you for a dress rehearsal. After the session, pick their brains. Multiple perspectives can lead to salon setup ideas you never would have dreamed up on your own!

4. Create a Brand

Creating a unique brand goes a long way in helping you retain clients and get referrals. If you’re not familiar with graphic design, hire a professional to make a company name and a logo. Use a specific color scheme. Be consistent with your branding across all materials, including your sign, service menu, business cards, and so on. Branding adds professionalism to your business and makes it more memorable. 

Tip: If you’re on a tight budget, check Fiverr for affordable graphic design options! 

5. Use Quality Supplies

Finally, a successful salon setup absolutely must include professional beauty supplies. Your tools are the heart and soul of your business—without them, there’s no business! Besides using top-of-the-line products, make sure you always keep them organized. A tidy (or messy) workspace says a lot about you, so make a solid impression every single time.

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