Tips & Tricks for Salon Maintenance

greyscale modern salon

greyscale modern salon

When starting a salon, even if you only offer one service, it can be challenging to keep everything running smoothly. There’s always a lot to do, including setting up a soothing ambiance, sanitizing after every client, and ensuring your salon is always clean and well-organized. If you’re wondering how you can get it all done, Yegi Beauty is here with some salon maintenance tips to help!

1. Clean & Disinfect

Keeping your tools clean is a salon maintenance must! Some owners and lash technicians choose to use a new disposable set on each client, while others prefer high-quality tools that they clean after each use. Making sure all your reusable instruments are sterilized is pretty simple:

  • Clean any debris and residue off tools with a soft cloth.
  • Scrub tools with a rough brush.
  • Soak metal tools in acetone.
  • Immerse tools in EPA-approved disinfectant.
  • Let tools air dry before the next use.

Some pieces may need to undergo every single step in this process, while others might only need a soak in disinfectant. Make sure to read the instructions on the packaging to ensure you know exactly how to maintain the tools and equipment in your salon.

2. Attention to Detail

Besides cleaning your kit, you also need to closely monitor the general cleanliness of your space for comprehensive salon maintenance. Do you need to mop or sweep the floors between customers? Are your towels clean and dry? How about your mirrors? Do they have water stains and spots? You need to pay attention to every element of your salon, from the chairs and tables to the fans and magnifying glasses. Clients may notice these things, even if you don’t, and if your space is dirty, they might never come back to see you!

3. Soothing Interior

While keeping your space clean is essential, you also want to pay attention to the ambiance of your salon. In the beginning, your curtains and paint might have been absolutely perfect, but over time, things wear and tear. Keep your salon maintenance up-to-date when you check in on your decor. Wash or replace aging curtains, add new songs to your music playlist, and stock your aromatherapy diffusers with sweet smells to keep your customers relaxed and happy.

4. Helping Hands

salon hair stylists and technicians

You shouldn’t have to do everything yourself! Salon maintenance is too much to handle alone, so make sure your staff knows exactly what needs to get done. Ask your receptionist to sweep the floors or do the laundry, and talk to your other technicians about keeping their spaces clean. Your entire team should be there to help you out!

The more you know about how to maintain the tools and equipment in your salon, the better off your salon will be!

Looking for more tips about keeping your salon in business? Check out our blog for guides, tutorials, and advice today!

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