Pro-Made Spike Fans | 7D

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Yegi Beauty's 7D Pro-Made Spike Lash Fans are made for easy application to give your sets that dramatic, strip lash look. Use throughout the eye or add in a few evenly throughout your set for an extra touch. These hand-made glue bonded lashes are latex-free and cruelty free. 


  • Center cluster spike is 2mm longer then the three lashes on either side. 
  • Cruelty and latex free
  • Glue bonded

Customize the Look

We’re proud to offer a huge selection of eyelash extensions in various styles and sizes. We’ve selected these pro-made spike fans to be made with .05 thickness and C curl and D curl based on our experience with clients. They're available in mix trays of 10mm to 13mm and 12mm to 15mm and come in 5D and 7D so you can achieve the right look for your client.