Mega Hold Adhesive
Mega Hold Adhesive
Mega Hold Adhesive

Mega Hold Adhesive

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Our Yegi Mega Hold Adhesive is our strongest and quickest drying premium glue yet! Perfect for all eyelash extensions but most popular for volume lashes to really ensure the longest retention for your clients. 2 hour drying time!

Drying time: 1 second

Used most commonly with our Mega Volume Lashes 

How to use:

  • Shake well before each use
  • Change out glue every 10 minutes
  • Store in room temperatures of no more than: 72 degrees
  • Store in humidity ranges: 30-70%
  • Store away from any glue removers
  • Shelf life of 6-12 months unopened and up to 4 months opened if stored properly at all times

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