Bottom eyelash extension training

Bottom Eyelash Extension Training and Certification | Kit Included

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This course is for bottom eyelash extensions only. You MUST know how to apply classic eyelash extensions to take this course. In this course, you’ll learn theory, product descriptions and uses, client consultations, how to apply and remove lower lash extensions, hands-on practice, before and after pictures, business training, marketing, and much more. All students who get certified are always welcome to come back for additional practice and/or support if needed — free of cost!

We recommend bringing in a model to practice on a live person, but you can apply eyelash extensions on a doll head during the course as well.


Bottom Lash Extension Kit Included - $110 Value

Bottom Mink Lashes (Vegan) | 0.12 / J / 5-9mm (Mixed Tray)  $14.99 
Bottom Mink Lashes (Vegan) | 0.15 / B / 6-9mm (Mixed Tray)  $14.99 
Premium Adhesive - 2mL  $12.99 
G-9 Tweezer / Short Straight Edge  $27.99 
G-2 Tweezer / Lightly Curved  $27.99 
10 Pack Under Eye Patches  $6.95 
Primer  $12.99 
Microbrushes (100 Pack)  $5.99 
Sensitive Tape  $8.99 
Glue Rings (Regular 20 Pack)  $4.00 
Kit Value  $109.88 
Your Price  $87.90 
Savings  $21.98 

Grow Your Knowledge and Expand Your Service Menu

Learning the ins and outs of bottom eyelash extensions is a fantastic way to continue developing your skills and techniques as a professional lash tech. Keep your clients excited to keep coming back, and reach a wider audience by expanding your service menu. To learn more about our lash tech classes, don’t hesitate to get in touch — we can’t wait to hear from you! You can also read student reviews and watch a class demo to get an idea of what to expect. Enroll today to take the next step on this exciting journey!


Payment Plans:

We no longer offer payment plans for many reasons and we promise that we made this change while keeping our students’ best interest in mind. Instead, we have made sure to make adjustments to offer quality classes and kits at the lowest prices possible! We are still accepting credit card payments for classes at checkout.  If you can’t afford to pay for the classes right now, we recommend putting money aside and saving up until you can enroll. While waiting, you can take advantage of all the free education we offer on our YouTube channel, Yegi Beauty. We want the best for our students and we think lowering our prices for the classes, while providing as much free education is the best way to help you in your lash journey!

Thank you for being our customer - now let’s get to lashing! 

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Definitely will take another classes with you Yegi.

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Literally the BEST lash class you could ever buy & literally worth every penny. Yegi is a lash GODDESS. She’ll never stir you wrong, so look no further and don’t think twice about buying any products from her because you will never be disappointed...
Xoxo(IG): raderaaaaa

Bottoms need love too✨

Literally the BEST lash class you could ever pay for & literally worth every penny. Yegi is a lash GODDESS. She’ll never stir you wrong, so look no further and don’t think twice about applying for a class from her because you will never be disappointed...😍

Xoxo(IG): raderaaaaa