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Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit
Yegi Classic & Volume Eyelash Extension Starter Kit

Yegi Classic & Volume Eyelash Extension Starter Kit

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Our eyelash extension starter kit comes with the essential supplies you need to start practicing classic and volume eyelash extensions. All you need is a live model or a doll head and practice lashes (sold separately). Purchasing a lash extension starter kit instead of individual products is a fantastic way to save some time and money.

Yegi Start Kit Includes:

Yegi Small Travel Case 1 $39.76
Yegi Premium Adhesive (5ml) 1 $29.99
Yegi Primer (15ml) 1 $12.99
Yegi Under Eye Patches (10pk) 1 $6.95
Yegi Cream Remover (20ml) 1 $18.25
Yegi Tweezers: G-7, G-2, L-2 3 $80.97
White Tape 1 $2.50
Lash Wands (20pk) 1 $3.50
Micro Brushes (20pk) 1 $2.50
Glue Rings (20pk) 1 $4.00
Premade Lash Fans Tray 5D / C / 12mm (Faux/Synthetic Mink) 1 $19.95
Faux/Synthetic Mink Classic 0.15 C 10-15mm (Mix Tray)
1 $14.99
Mega Volume 0.05 C+ 10-15mm (Mix Tray) (Faux/Synthetic Mink) 1 $28.99

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Be Your Own Boss

Everyone starts at the beginning. Whether you just got your beauty license or you’re an experienced salon owner, becoming a lash artist is an amazing career step. Lash treatments are much more than a trend, and many clients expect beauticians to have the option available. With our eyelash extension starter kit and a quick certification class, you can work for yourself, make your own hours, and even work from the comfort of your own home.

Premium Beauty Supplies for Less

Buying one of our eyelash extension kits is just one way to save money on the supplies you need. You can also browse our sales selection to see our latest bargains. As a Yegi Beauty student, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount on Yegi Beauty products for life. We’ll also make sure you have permanent access to our incredibly valuable training materials so you can proceed with absolute confidence.

Enjoy Personalized Support and Guidance

We want you to succeed, and we go above and beyond to provide all the resources you need to follow your dreams. For more information on our eyelash extension starter kit, our classes, or anything else at all, please contact our friendly experts now. Start your new career on the right foot with an all-inclusive kit!



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