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Colored Lashes do more than make your eyes pop. They make a statement, too, and they say some marvelous things about you. You have to be bold and confident to wear Colored Lash Extensions. When you step out with beautifully fanned lashes in Pink, Red, Purple, and/or Blue, then you're letting the world know that you're gorgeous, fashion-forward, and unafraid. Discover the next big trend in eyelash extensions! Opt for Rainbow Lashes from Yegi Beauty. 100% cruelty-free and latex-free. 

Get That Glow With Rainbow

Rainbow Eyelash Extensions come with 16 rows (compared to the average of the 12 rows in a majority of eyelash extension lines). The Mix Tray colors offered are Pink, Red, Purple and Blue in .15 thickness for classic eyelashes. If you desire colorful lashes for volume application, please see our Mega Volume Colored Lashes by clicking here



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