G-Line Tweezer / G-1 / Classic Crane Tweezer

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What it is:

An ultra-curved, lightweight tweezer designed for classic application and isolation.

What Else You Need to Know:

These G-1 classic eyelash extension tweezers are lightweight and ultra-curved for outstanding precision and accuracy. The sharp tip and 11-degree angle make these Classic Crane Tweezers highly effective when you need to pick up and place lash extensions with lightning speed. An ideal choice for both classic application and isolation, these versatile tweezers will surely become your new go-to, everyday tool. At Yegi Beauty, we carry only the highest quality lash supplies so you can do your best work with full confidence.

Quality eyelash extension tools lead to quality results, and different types of lashes require different types of tools! Add these classic eyelash extension tweezers to your kit so you always have a super-curved option on hand and ready to go.

This Product Contains:

  • 1 x G-1 Classic Crane Tweezer

Product Size:

  • Length: 5.5” / 14 cm
  • Width: 0.35” / 9 mm
  • Angle: 11 degrees

How to Use:

  • Use these tweezers for applying classic lash extensions or for isolation.
  • Pick up and place lash extensions quickly and easily.

G-Line Tweezer Selection

You can replace just one of your current tweezers with one of our new G-Line styles, or you can swap out your entire lineup! Several different types of G-Line tweezers are available, including:

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