G-6 Eyelash Isolation Tweezers

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What it is: 

With a thin, precise tip, our G-6 eyelash isolation tweezers are perfect for tasks that require pinpoint precision. You can use them to remove lash strips from a case, isolate clients’ natural lashes, and for any other work where your volume tweezers aren’t suitable.

What Else You Need to Know: 

Experienced lash techs adore these straight isolation tweezers because they really let you work with impeccable accuracy. The golden plating feels very smooth in your hands. In addition, the ergonomic design makes these tweezers the most comfortable option around. 

Quality tools are key to performing your best work, as they keep your clients happy and eager to book the next session. Additionally, these isolation tweezers for eyelashes allow you to work quickly so you can book more appointments, make the most of your time, and generate more income!

Different tasks require different tools. That’s why we carry a wide selection of G-Line Tweezers in various configurations. If you find yourself constantly replacing your tools, we highly recommend anything and everything from our G-Line—you’ll never feel a need to replace them! They’re lightweight yet durable, and thoughtfully designed to feel fantastic, even after a full day of use.

We take pride in offering a huge selection of top-of-the-line eyelash extension supplies. So shop around, and don’t forget to pick up a tweezer case for these eyelash isolation tweezers. We strive to help you succeed in your career. That’s why we provide an abundance of informative resources that empower you to do your best work, grow your business, and keep improving with every client. Check out our blog and FAQ for expert tips, tutorials, and more!

This Product Contains:

  • 1 x G-6 Straight Isolation Tweezers

How to use:

-Use these thin-tip tweezers for tasks that require the utmost precision, including isolating clients’ natural lashes and grabbing individual lash strips from the case.

-These versatile eyelash isolation tweezers are ideal for virtually any task unsuitable for volume tweezers.

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