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Our lash extension sealant is your insurance policy for lash retention! Yegi’s Super Bonder accelerates the glue curing process and maximizes retention. Works with all glues. It is a must for humid conditions and slower drying adhesives. 

Help your clients get their lashes cured fast! Yegi's Super Bonder eyelash sealer expedites the drying process of lash adhesives by dehydrating the adhesive. Yegi's specially formulated lash bonder was developed by Yegi using the best ingredients to ensure the best hold and retention. Perfect for lash artists who may be working in more humid conditions or for slower drying adhesives.

    Details and Instructions

    • Super Bonder accelerates curing and maximizes retention
    • Instructions: Fan dry the eyelash extensions for 3 minutes after application. Apply 2-3 drops of Super Bonder onto a Micro Brush. Lightly paint lash extension sealant on glued areas of the lashes. Air dry for 3 minutes before coming into contact with water.
    • Ingredients: Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Aloe Perfume
    • Super bonder shelf life: 24 months

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