Educator Course - Become a Yegi Certified Educator - Custom Live or Online Options Available

Educator Course - Become a Yegi Certified Educator - Custom Live or Online Options Available

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Have you been thinking about becoming a lash educator but are not sure where to start or how to develop a lash course and start teaching? Are you taking as many clients as you can already and are looking for another way to maximize your profit, grow and share your love for lashes? If you've been doing lash extensions for 2+ years now, and you think that you’re ready to teach others your craft, the Yegi Beauty Educator Program will provide you with a blueprint of how to teach your own courses or have the option to work with the Yegi Team as a Yegi Contracted Educator. Our educator program is also a mentorship program since we work closely with our educators to ensure they reach their goals.

Who Is This Program For? This program is designed for the lash artist who:

  • wants to be their own boss by building their business and brand
  • is passionate about the beauty industry and eyelash extensions
  • loves talking about and sharing their knowledge with others
  • wants to expand their opportunities by traveling and meeting new people
  • wants to give back by changing other people’s lives
  • cares about the client’s eye and lash health, in order to maintain the integrity & reputation of the eyelash extension industry, while representing the Yegi Beauty brand.
  • is organized and motivated to not only teach, but to organize and market classes on their own. 
  • lives in an area where high quality lash training is limited to beauty professionals

If you are fluent in languages aside from English or live somewhere that doesn’t have great lash training already, we do encourage you to enroll in this program. Our goal is to spread the love and knowledge of quality lash extensions and lifestyles for people who do what they love, and we want you to be a part of it!


*DISCLAIMER* If you enroll in this eyelash technician training program, you are responsible for knowing your state's rules and guidelines for teaching eyelash extensions courses. We will not be able to check and verify your license against your state/country's rules, as regulations vary. Research these guidelines prior to enrolling because all classes are non-refundable.

Customizable Courses- in person or virtual! We customize the educator course to every individual's needs, since we know that everyone has different learning styles, speed and life schedules. Our options include one-on-one sessions is Los Angeles, CA or live video meetings via Zoom with Yegi.

Course Highlights

  • Take our Online Classic and Volume Course for free (value of $1,090) as a refresher course!
  • Multiple one-on-one meetings/mentorship (in person or online) with Yegi based on your mutual availability
  • Course materials provided for you to use in your classes (videos, class checklist, forms etc.)
  • Guidance on how to teach will also be reviewed– the best methods, how to speak to students, best way to break things down, etc.
  • Help you plan the course yourself (how to find/rent a space, decide on schedule, pricing, kits, etc.)
  • Get a detailed checklist/blueprint of how to teach, what to cover in a classic (level 1) and a volume (level 2) course.
  • Detailed educator checklist of how to teach lash extensions course included
  • Option to Shadow a Yegi Beauty educatorduring a live class (can be done virtually) to see exactly what it’s like
  • Do a mock class and get feedback from Yegi herself.
  • Exclusive discounts and wholesale options on products typically excluded from sales and promotions
  • Meetings can cover any questions you have — whether they’re related to eyelash extension products, business, or teaching.
  • Where and how to find and market to your ideal students
  • In addition, you can be considered to teach Yegi Beauty scheduled classes after you are certified

How does the payment process work? Must pay full in advance and commit to this journey of becoming an educator.

Let us help you become the next best eyelash extension educator in your area!

If you need assistance in finding more regulatory information or if you have any other questions, please email us at or call 818-955-5105 today!

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