Eyelash Extension Travel Case/ Makeup Bag

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Our handy eyelash bags keep all of your eyelash supplies together so you can simply grab it and head to your next appointment or class. Not only is this eyelash travel case convenient and durable, but it’s also super cute! Designed specifically for carrying beauty supplies, you’ll wonder how you got by without it. It’s available in two sizes:

  • Small Yegi Case: 9in x 10in x 3.5in
  • Large Yegi Case (strap included): 14in x 16in x 4in

Stay Stocked With Yegi Beauty

Whether you just took your first class or you’re an experienced salon owner, it’s important to keep your supplies stocked and ready to go. After all, you never know when you might book a major gig! We make it easy and affordable to keep your eyelash bags filled with professional lash tools, lashes, and more. Whatever you need, Yegi’s got you covered!

Get in Touch for More Information

You’re going to adore your new case. There’s something so special about having your own kit—especially when you’re the boss! If you have any questions, please get in touch any time. This kit adds a touch of professionalism to your appointments, and you’ll never wonder where a specific item went—no more disappearing supplies! Start your new career off on the right foot with a Yegi Beauty eyelash travel case.

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