A line Pro Gold Tweezer Set / Classic, Volume and Isolation Tweezers

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The A line Pro Gold Tweezer Set includes:

  • A-1: Straight tweezer. Used for classic application and can be used for isolation. Measures 13.5cm/5.3in
  • A-2: Moon-shaped. Used for classic, volume, or isolation. Measures 12.5cm/4.9in
  • A-3: Curved tweezer. Used for isolation or making volume fans mainly, but can also be used for classic applications (depending on the lash artist’s preference) Measures 12cm/4.7in/15 Degrees
  • A-4: Boot Volume Tweezer. Used for hand made volume fans. Measures 11cm/4.3in/90 Degrees 
  • Tweezer Storage Box