At minimum, Ambassador must submit two feed posts and four story posts per month for approval to the Brand Champ portal. Allowed a maximum of 10 feed posts and 30 story posts submitted per month.

To be approved, feed posts must: tag @yegibeauty in the post, mention @yegibeauty in the caption, and include specified hashtags (#yegiambassador #yegibeauty #lashsupplies #lashpro #eyelashextensions), and any other requirements Ambassador is notified of.

Notate your ambassador status in your bio (“@yegibeauty Ambassador”) and share current information about the brand with your community. 

YouTube, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and Facebook affiliates have their own set requirements.

Posts can contain non-competitive products to the Yegi Beauty Brand. Acceptable: Non-lash related cosmetics, lash cart tools/accessories. Not acceptable: lash products from other lash brands (adhesives, primers, extensions, tools, etc.) Please do not tag other brands when posting for Yegi Beauty. Posts made with other lash brand tags will not count towards your ambassador requirements.

If accepted into the Yegi Beauty Ambassador Program, you are not limited to only posting Yegi Beauty content.  

Share your personalized promo code with your community and receive commission each time the code is used for a purchase. One time use per code, per person. Codes can only be used on Yegi Brand items and do not include classes or kits of any kind.

Your lash social media account must be public. Please do not change your username/channel name without notifying our Ambassador Program Coordinator. 

Failure to meet any of the minimum monthly requirements will result in termination. Please communicate with us if you find difficulty in posting regularly.