Permania Eyelash Lifting/Perming Keratin Kit - Video Tutorial + Review Included

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The Permania Keratin Lash Lift Kit adds shape and volume to natural eyelashes. It’s a great alternative to eyelash extensions for clients who prefer to enhance their natural lashes. Check out the reviews below to see how much the beauty community loves this convenient kit! Watch our eyelash perm kit video tutorial and browse other perming solutions and adhesive refills.

The Permania Keratin Lash Lift Kit includes the following:

  • Step 1: Lash Perming Lotion
  • Step 2: Lash Setting Lotion

    These lotions are hygienic and simple to use, producing no waste. They deliver gorgeous, long-lasting eyelash curves so you can get the most out of your keratin eyelash lift kit.

  • Step 3: Lash Essence

    Lash Essence enhances, conditions, strengthens, and moisturizes the client’s natural lashes. The fixing function delivers a professional curl effect.

  • Lash Lifting Adhesive (5ml)

    This clear, non-toxic lifting adhesive is specially formulated to be fast and easy to use. Just add water, and it dissolves rapidly.

  • Keratin Boost (5.5ml)

    Keratin Boost strengthens, thickens, and protects the client’s natural lashes, leaving them looking shiny, bright, and healthy.

  • Lash Perm Rods - This keratin eyelash kit includes 16 lash perm rods in the following three sizes:
    • 3 pairs of C curl (sizes S/M/L)
    • 5 pairs of U curl (Sizes SS/M/L/LL)
    • 4 pairs L curl (Sizes S/M/L/LL)
  • Magic Wand
    • The Magic Wand is a multifunctional tool that makes lash lifting a breeze.

This is a vegan and cruelty-free product!

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