Back To Basics: Mega Volume Lashes

Back To Basics: Mega Volume Lashes

The eyelash extensions industry keeps growing each and every day, whether it's more lash technicians choosing it as a career path, or businesses coming up with their own products.

Either way, we are not complaining, and Yegi Lashes is right there with the rest of them! The beauty of Yegi products is to make sure the lash tech maximizes efficiency while the client is comfortable and at ease.

Yegi Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions are SO easy to use! Check out a tutorial by clicking here!

Also, the products are all available at


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My clients love the mega volume Yagi lashes! Unfortunately once in a while I get a tray that are not properly put together. The adhesive that keeps the lashes together, when you pull off your 3 to 9, they aren’t easy to extract – they are stiff-and/or when you try to fluff them they completely break apart. I know the difference because I’ve ordered over $1000 worth of these lashes already. What should I do when I get a tray that is defective?

Molly Anderson ,

When will you be getting more of the Mega Volume D curl .07 lashes in 13mm?

Leah Renee,

Hola, soy de Honduras. Me gustaria saber como puedo adquirir sus productos.


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