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Yegi Trinity - Attention For Retention

Yegi Trinity, on behalf of Yegi Beauty, goes into detail on the different ways to have better retention. Remember, Yegi Trinity is a trio-Jackpot - we dive into information regarding products, academy as well as salon services to discuss the topic to the fullest.

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Yegi Trinity - Yegi Beauty Washed Up Knowledge

Yegi Trinity - Yegi Beauty educates lash technicians on the importance of voicing to any and all eyelash extensions clients on how to wash his or her face while having lashes, in addition to showers. Investing in the lash wash is beneficial for both lash  artists as well as clients.

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Yegi Trinity - Yegi Beauty Kits

Yegi Trinity details our Yegi Beauty kits in order for lash technicians to feel prepared for any client. Based on the comfort of the lash artist, it builds confidence to tackle each client, and that in turn forms the best relationship between the duo.

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