Yegi Beauty Top Two YouTube

Yegi Beauty Top Two YouTube

2019 has a month left for the Yegi Beauty lash game, but it's effortless to take a trip down memory lane, especially the YouTube Channel section of the business.

With so many videos and tutorials, the simplest way to shed light on some of the strategic tactics for lash technicians was to choose the two most popular, based on views.

How to get False Eyelash (Strip Eyelash) Look Tutorial:

There are certain clients that may potentially not want to switch over from strip lashes to eyelash extensions because the look of the falsies is what the individual wants for the ultimate look.

With the Yegi Mega Volume lashes and a certain formula/mapping, Bia (an artist) showcased the beautiful wispy look, and it's a result that can be achieved by a lash artist!

Full Volume Eyelash Extension Tutorial:

We will focus on the do’s and dont's for isolating eyelash extensions and how to make easy hand made & wide fans using our Yegi Mega Volume Lashes. We also go over how to create a subtle cat eye shape for your clients who want the shape of the cat eye, but a more natural look!

The Mega Volume eyelash extensions are easy to fan lashes and that allows the lash technician to consistently deliver for his or her clients.

Our YouTube Channel has tons of tutorials and motivational videos for you to explore and learn from. It is linked below, along with our website and Instagram.

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