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Welcome To The Yegi Trinity: Introduction

The Yegi Trinity has arrived - introducing the ultimate coverage for eyelash extensions - the salon, the academy, and the products. Yegi Beauty will teach, motivate, and provide information on any and all components of eyelash extensions in an all-in-one company.

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What To Do When Eyelash Extensions Get Stuck to the Bottom Eyelashes | Eyelash Extensions 101

Hey guys! We are back with a brand new quick tutorial - a common issue that beginner lash techs have is getting the bottom lashes stuck to the lash extensions. We have all had that sheer moment of panic when we realize the lashes are stuck and we are doing everything possible to make sure the client doesn't find out anything is happening.  We hope this video will help you know what to do and how to avoid this issue!  Make sure to like and subscribe for more lash tutorials and informative videos!   If you have any further questions, all of our social media links are below!  For Training and Certification options, click here. IG @lifeofyegi, @yegibeauty @yegilashes  Twitter @yegilashes Facebook: Yegi Lashes & Yegi...

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Hybrid Eyelash Extension Tutorial C & D Curl | Is it OK to mix curls? | Eyelash Extensions 101

In this tutorial we go over a Hybrid Full Set of Eyelash Extensions, mixing C & D curls - as we get more comfortable with lashing, it's great to try and mix different thicknesses, lengths and curls to customize the lashes for our client and what they want! In this video, we use the Mink Classic Eyelash Extensions in 0.15 thickness in a D curl and our Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions in 0.05 thickness in a C curl!

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