Yes To Dramatic And No To Damaging

Yes To Dramatic And No To Damaging

The above-mentioned Yegi Beauty YouTube Tutorial is the icing on the cake, more commonly known as the MEGA VOLUME EXTRAVAGANZA. 

Before cutting into the fabulosity, I wanted to start off with a #ThrowbackThursday twist in order to really get your taste buds fluttering. 

[Yegi Beauty Mega Volume 2.0]     [Yegi Beauty Mega Volume 3.0]

The above-written blogs have so much background information that'll amp your level of understanding for the tutorial. It's created as awesome informative writing pieces for guidance as well as knowledge. 

Yegi Trinity, in the midst of Yegi Beauty, has the ultimate goal of shining multiple lights onto how to improve as a lash technician as an artist, a business owner, and even as an educator. 

In other words, watch the tutorial to expand on your eyelash extensions knowledge, and apply it to your clients as well as for your future endeavors. 

Yegi Beauty products intend to be efficient and effective by all means necessary. Mega Volume 2.0 Lashes aka the star of today's show, was created in .03 thickness for the clients that have more "sensitive" natural lashes. The product allows you to create a dramatic look of va-va-volume while maintaining the health of the natural lashes.

The tutorial dives into a cat-eye look using the 0.03 thickness lashes; it's perfect, again, for the clients who don't have the strongest lashes. Make sure to stick to the rule of thumb to not apply a fan with a base that is more than two times thicker than the natural lash. 

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