Yegi Mega Volume 2.0 Eyelash Extensions

Yegi Mega Volume 2.0 Eyelash Extensions

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Yegi's 2nd Generation Mega Volumes! 

  • Improved Bonding
  • Foil Backing
  • Longer lasting curl
  • New sizes 6mm - 22mm
  • New thickness in .03 

The Mega volumes are extremely easy to fan out as they are bonded at the base with a special adhesive that allows you to create beautiful volume fans without any hassle of them falling apart. They are matte and tapered at the edges to give you that wispy look clients love. We've created them to feel soft and fluffy. Best used for a full and dark volume look but fans can also be made small for light volume or hybrid sets.

  • B
  • CC
  • DD


  • Single Lengths: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
  • Mix Trays: 6-9, 9-14, 10-15, 11-16, 12-17, and 17-22

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