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Yegi Trinity - How To Make Money In The Beauty Industry, Yegi Edition Pt. 2

Yegi, the owner of Yegi Beauty, with her constant inspire-and-motivate attitude, wanted to set a reminder on everyone's calendar in regards to the beauty industry, and showcase that pursuing a profession in this field is not a materialistic choice and definitely not a black and white one. There's multiple ways to make money without opening a salon! (Part 2)

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Yegi Trinity - The Life Of Yegi And Yegi Beauty

Yegi Trinity - it's important to go back to the roots of the company and really understand how Yegi essentially created Yegi Beauty. It's easier to notice the success behind a brand, but what about the journey? Take a look at an article by Shopify on Yegi's struggles and hard work to be where she is at today.

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