Eyelash Extensions Myths | Yegi Beauty Edition

Eyelash Extensions Myths | Yegi Beauty Edition

It's time to address the elephant in the room, the one throwing myth-peanuts at the clients' beautified head. If a client is ready to be in lash-full bliss, it's important, as a lash technician, to make sure he or she stays in Cloud 9 throughout their whole experience. And that means tackling the rumors on Lash Lane.

Before diving into the scandalous gossip, it's imperative that you remember the following as not only a confidence boost but also a point of fact: If everything is done correctly with proper training and good products, the service as a whole will be effortlessly smooth. 

Myth #1: If you get glue in your eyes during your eyelash extensions appointment and/or start to cry, it means you can go blind.  

- This one is a heavy one, unlike how your lash extensions sit on your eyes. Rest assured, this is false. Yegi Beauty glues are formaldehyde-free, and as long as you advise the client to keep their eyes closed during their whole service, the individual will feel no irritation. In addition, he or she should be aware of the differences between an allergic reaction and an infection; for example, if it is their first experience with eyelash extensions and he or she reacts to the adhesive negatively, it's not the glue that is harmful but rather an unknown allergy they weren't aware of. The same concept is for your eyes tearing up, thus making you cry. However, both scenarios are not signs of any blindness. 

Myth #2: Your natural lashes will all fall off after eyelash extensions, due to severe damage.

- Logically speaking, it's common to think that since you're placing an eyelash extension on the natural lash, and if the extension falls off, it takes the natural lash with it. It can make all the sense in the beauty world, but it's simply not true! But this also goes back to going to an experienced professional, because if a lash artist has not taken the time to learn and practice, it will, in turn, lead to clumping the natural lashes together in combination with the extensions; that's when this myth turns into a reality. Also, you should advise any and all clients for proper aftercare procedures, and that should include not pulling out the extensions or picking at them, no matter how tempting of a habit it may be.

Again, repeat this for your own sanity as well as the clients': EDUCATE YOURSELF ON YOUR CRAFT IN ORDER TO EDUCATE THE CLIENT ON TRUSTING YOUR CRAFT. 

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