Yegi Beauty Updates

Yegi Beauty Updates

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but Yegi Beauty has started thanking anyone and everyone involved with the brand much earlier by releasing new products, showcasing lash technicians' work with recognition, and uploading a full tutorial!

Let's go ahead and gobble our way through the trifecta! 

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Whether rain or shine, Yegi Beauty will always flaunt the work of lash artists that love to use our products! We have a new flow to our Instagram page, where we make it a duo appreciation. The first photo showcases the lovely lash technicians at the Yegi Beauty salon and the second photo displays our awesome customers creating magic. Remember, tag @yegibeauty and you may just get chosen to be a part of our feed; the more you actively promote the eyelash extensions supplies, the more you'll catch the Yegi team's fluttery eyes! 



Speaking of Yegi Beauty products, it was important to amp things up by not only creating cool visuals for the already-existing lashing supplies but to use this as an introductory tool for new additions to the party. And what also made it to the middle section was the exciting news of the Yegi Beauty App, available for both iTunes and Google Play. {Blog: Introducing The Yegi Beauty App - click for more info} Overall, watch these posts come alive right before your eyes, as it allows for a 360 view and a closer look to the workings of each product.



 Last but definitely not least, the Yegi Academy strives to inform as many details for individuals that are ready to start their career in eyelash extensions, but want more insight on what the courses consist of. So, it was important for the Yegi Team to post the mini clips or mini portions of how Yegi and her trained educators motivate and teach the students. Meanwhile, Yegi is also concentrating on keeping the knowledge juices flowing on the YouTube Channel. {Blog - Classic Wispy Look Mapping Tutorial}

yegibeauty - Click here to see tagged lash artists as well as more info on the specific featured products. The mini portions for the courses and the tutorial are all available on the website (see below) and the YouTube Channel (see below)

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