Classic Wispy Look Mapping Tutorial

Classic Wispy Look Mapping Tutorial


It's another day in lashing paradise, so sit back, relax, and tune in to a new YouTube Tutorial; this time, we expand on the Wispy Classic Look! 

As a lash artist, you've heard it all; whether it's fullness, wispiness, classic vibes, your client is looking for a specific look, and your ultimate goal is to deliver it to each and every one of them with confidence and passion. 

Among the world of eyelash extensions, there's still so much more to discover and so much more sets to amplify on; the more choices your client has, the more potential of establishment for your lash career. After all, this is your business and your reputation can be improved and polished every day.  

The video raises the bar by using only Classic eyelash extensions with the addition of the B Curl. We use the flat lashes and then for the shorter lengths in the inner corners we use our mink classic lashes -- its the mink classic 0.15 in 6mm & 8mm in B curl and then the flat lashes in 0.18 in 10, 12, 15mm in B curl.


Mink Classic Lashes     |        Ellipse Flat Lashes

In the realm of salon services, it's the opportunity to add an additional look to your menu of what you offer, thus exceeding client expectations. The Classic set now has a wispier choice, and it could be exactly what the beautified individual was looking for. 

The beauty industry don't sleep, so don't sleep on the knowledge of beauty.  

If you're really vibing with the teaching style of Yegi as well as the Yegi Educators, check out our Yegi Academy courses. 

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