Measuring The Worth Of Eyelash Extensions | Yegi Beauty Edition

Measuring The Worth Of Eyelash Extensions | Yegi Beauty Edition

Whether you're a lash technician that has just entered the lash game or have been lashing your heart out for years, there's a constant question you will get among your craft. The way you answer the question can solidify clients for the duration of their beautifying needs..

...Are eyelash extensions worth it?

At this moment, imagine a scale, a common go-to tool for decision-making. A lash artist may feel that by weighing the good and the bad, it would in turn lead to losing clients. It's quite the opposite! By being educated on the pros and cons of eyelash extensions, it'll put the client at ease. The worse case scenario is still a positive one; if he or she decides lashes are not for them, your attention to lash education can build your reputation so effortlessly, that the individual will recommend you to their friends and family.  

So, let the Yegi team build that scale for you for your learning convenience!


Let's face it, life is busy as it is, especially when you want to have fluttery eyelashes right when you wake up. It saves you time in the mornings, since you can avoid mascara; you don't need it for your lashes, especially because the extensions are curly and fluffy! Also, the main reason an individual dabs in the beauty world is to feel fabulous, because if you look good, you feel good.


Some may argue that it's expensive and high-maintenance. However, to be fair, we can technically say that about anything and everything. Whether it's a hobby or a habit, it'll be a consistent cost. Eyelash extensions can be a "beauty constant", just like getting your nails done twice a month or going to your hair root touch-up. So, don't get discouraged if your client is on the fence because of the cost. Just remind him or her the positive effects for feeling amazing.

Now, the high-maintenance reference for eyelash extensions originated due to having to make certain changes to your everyday routine, but nothing major! For example, if you already remove make-up anyways, all you're doing is switching to oil-free. But it's not changing the fact that you take the make-up off anyways.

Now that you know the balanced info for the worth of lashes, it'll help you tackle all concerns a client may have while elevating the fabulosity of the whole process. Yaaassssss.

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