Yegi Beauty | The Beauty Of The Beauty Industry

Yegi Beauty | The Beauty Of The Beauty Industry

Yegi has always valued her brand, and she has also been the embodiment of motivation and inspiration. When she teaches about eyelash extensions, she's emphasizing on more than just the craft; it's about being empowering in the beauty industry, and allowing that to affect other aspects of your life.

Below, take note of our YouTube Channel link. If you need a push forward, I encourage not just lash technicians, but all types of individuals to view the magic behind her positive attitude.

A couple of our Yegi Beauty salon lash technicians, Beatrice [ beautify_by_b ] and Tanya [ lashesbytanyaaa ] had the opportunity to each beautify a post-chemo cancer patient.


Post Chemo Lashes BeforePost Chemo Lashes After

The above work is done by Tanya. As you can see, the difference is remarkable.


Texture added in order to fill in the gaps for Eyelash

Post Chemo Lashes by Beatrice

The above work is done by Beatrice. She added texture in order to fill in the gaps.

No matter the reason, it's uplifting to witness how the realm of the beauty industry is more than just for looks. It's feeling so good when you look in the mirror, that it manifests into confidence and happiness. The ultimate goal is to watch your client transform right in front of your eyes, as you see their joy glow from within.

Let's specifically dissect the Yegi Beauty slogan: "look good, feel good, be unstoppable." It's a simple yet powerful formula. By looking good (this is based on your own standards) you feel good (loving yourself) and that leads to not only feeling unstoppable, but being unstoppable.

Flaunt it how you want to!

And remember, there wouldn't be a Yegi Trinity without this foundation. Yegi has always had a passion for the salon business, and she in turn kept growing into products and an academy.

Next up on the Yegi Academy Tour:

Yegi Academy Tour Seatle, WA Oct 11-12


Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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