Yegi Beauty Guided Stretching

Yegi Beauty Guided Stretching

Life, in general, moves at a fast pace. Whether or not you stop to smell the roses, the truth of the matter is that in a blink of an eye, your day is essentially over. 

But let's time travel back for a moment. What if you took on so many clients and succumbed fully into your passion to the point that you didn't realize how physically drained you were until the moment you got home?

That's because, at some point in our lives, we have taken stretching for granted. Especially, as a lash technician, the nature of the craft entails the full use of the body, even though you may not realize it!  

"We hope you can keep referring back to this video to help you stretch in between clients while you are lashing! Lashing isn't just about applying eyelash extensions with your hands -- we put our whole body into it! It is super important to keep it safe!"

The Yegi Team is all about contributing to your career growth as much as possible, trinity style. Whether it's courses you're interested in or the constant flow of lashing products, it's all about consistency. However, that means you need to consistently keep it healthy because that's beautiful too!

Speaking of Yegi Academy, the Yegi Educator makes sure to incorporate stretching during the course in order to embed it as part of your eyelash extensions routine.

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