Yegi Beauty Kits For Profit Growth

Yegi Beauty Kits For Profit Growth


No matter the profession, it's important to have the right tools to excel and grow within the realm of the work you're interested in. The same goes for eyelash extensions!

To be completely transparent, as a lash technician, you can be at different levels of your lashing career. But the one ultimate goal is to turn your passion into profit, so with that mindset, the knowledge can be paired alongside the drive.

This is not the first time that the Yegi Beauty Kits have been expanded on [see Yegi Trinity - Yegi Beauty Kits]

It's an informative beginning to what our kits are all about.

Moving forward, there's a significant word to highlight: INVESTMENT. In simple terms, you should be willing to pay money to make money. It's simple, yet a move that many hesitate to take.

To ease your mind and the hesitancy, take a look at the following breakdown from our Yegi Academy specialist:

The Starter Kit has all the basics you will need to be able to use it during class and for a few practice sets after class is over. This is a good kit for someone who wants just the basics and/or prefers to buy additional products as they go along. This is also a good kit for someone who knows they are going to move a bit slower in their lashing business and don’t want all of the products right away. You do have a student discount code after you are certified for Yegi Beauty Products that will help you along your way if you do opt to purchase products after class is done!  
The Student Kit is the medium kit and probably our more popular kit in terms of the price and the amount of products students prefer. Items it includes that the starter kit doesn’t is the fan, a larger glue and additional lashes and tweezers. In the past some students have wished they could get this kit instead of the starter BUT I do recommend reflecting on the scale you want to do lashes at beforehand. If you are dabbling in it and want something to just try out, definitely go with the starter kit and buy along the way. If you are planning to have this  be a consistent side job and you want to have a lot of products to get started with, I would recommend the Student Kit.  
The Pro Kit does have everything the starter and student kits have, plus additional lashes, tweezers and a sensitive glue. If you want all the products already, are planning on moving quickly in your lashing business and want a variety of lash trays ready at hand while you begin your lashing journey, definitely go with the Pro Kit!
I also usually recommend starting off with one of the bigger kits because in the beginning the website with all the variants may be confusing and overwhelming, so it may be better to go for a kit with a variety of lash trays so you can have a good foundation and will be able to test out the products as you are moving along with your lashing. However, with that said, with any of the kits, you will have everything you need in order to get as much from the class as possible! You won’t get less value from the class if you go with the starter kit versus the pro kit, but make sure you choose something that aligns with your plans after class!
I hope that kind of helps you decide which kit is best for you with your goals and budget!


Although at first glance the details may be overwhelming, it'll actually have a counter-effect of knowing all the information first-hand to eliminate any doubts and/or impulsive decision-making by being knowledgeable about the craft and what it entails.

Whether you find it beneficiary to purchase/enroll in a Yegi Academy course that is equipped with a kit of your choice or the kit only, the biggest question you would need to ask yourself is, "how much do I want to invest in myself for the future of my career?"

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