Yegi Mink Blonde & Brown Lashes | New Yegi Beauty Product

Yegi Mink Blonde & Brown Lashes | New Yegi Beauty Product

It's always fun to "look back at it" and reminisce on the history of Yegi Beauty products. The Yegi team figured being nostalgic was fitting, and wanted to remind the lovely viewers/readers on the Yegi Brown Classic Faux Mink Lashes!

When this extraordinary mix tray made its debut, it was so exciting that we had to match the fabulousity by adding a tutorial to the mix; also seemed right to glam up the new mix tray!

Let's make it shine even more by linking you up with this bundle of great information.

The basis of this product was to make sure the clients with lighter eyelashes had an option for their beauty needs. But let's be honest here - there are individuals with different types of light lashes.

So what do we do in usual Yegi Beauty behavior? We introduce the fraternal twin - Yegi Mink Blonde & Brown Eyelash Extensions!

a pack of Yegi Blonde and Brown Lashes saying

So, similar to the brown eyelashes, this new "ombre" mix tray is designed for Classic eyelash extensions sets, but with two differences: more mix tray options for lash technicians to choose from as well as being able to mix colors based on what the client is looking for.

Also, October is off to an exciting start for our monthly giveaway; Yegi Beauty is allowing an opportunity for one winner to get a spot in the Washington D.C. Yegi Academy course.

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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