How To Improve Retention | Q & A Yegi Academy

How To Improve Retention | Q & A Yegi Academy

You asked, and Yegi listened! You're in for a treat with the following eyelash extensions tricks, on this gloom-orous Halloween...

How Do I Get the Mega Volume Easy Fanning Lashes to Have a V-Shape Base?

View the answer to this question, since Yegi explains in full detail on the importance of fanning Mega Volume lashes based on millimeters. 

Are Ellipse (Flat) Lashes Better Than Other Lashes? Are they used for classic or volume?

Ellipse or Flat lashes are not necessarily better or worse than any other lashes. The main difference between a regular eyelash and an ellipse eyelash is the base of it. A regular lash has a round base versus the ellipse lash, which has more of an oval-like shape, specifically known as an ellipse shape.  Some people actually sometimes think that ellipse lashes or flat eyelashes bond better with a natural eyelash because they are flat and they can kind of sit better on the natural lash but in reality, the eyelash extensions will bond as good to the natural eyelash based on the way you apply it.

The second part of this question is if flat lashes are used for classic or volume. I want to remind you guys that you can use any eyelash extension style line brand for either classic or volume if they come in the thickness intended for classic or volume. The rule of thumb generally is if anything is thinner than 0.10 for the thickness then that's for volume and anything that is 0.10 or higher it's normally for classic. Our Yegi Beauty Flat Lashes currently come in 0.07 and 0.18 thicknesses!

Another thing about ellipse eyelashes is that they again have a split end, so when you're using the eyelashes - even for a classic style - you still get a little bit more of a wispy look or a fluffy look so that's kind of the benefit also for using the ellipse eyelashes with classic sets.

How Do I Get Better Retention? What Glue Do You Recommend?

Retention does have to do with the glue you're using but it also is influenced by the way you're applying so even if you're using the best glue ever and you're not applying the extension on top of the natural eyelash properly, your retention will not last long. A second reason why retention is an issue is that initially, people don’t put on enough eyelash extensions on the natural eyelashes for them to last long. For example, if every day we shed 1 to 5 eyelashes and you're only putting about 20 extensions on the natural eyelashes and we lose about 5 a day, in about four days the client wouldn’t have any eyelash extensions left. Retention has to do with the glue you're using and how many lashes you're applying on the client's natural eyelashes to start with and how you're applying and bonding the extension to the natural eyelash. Try to put it on every single one of the client’s natural eyelashes, of course besides the very, very baby hairs that look too weak to hold an eyelash.

If I had to recommend the glue, I would recommend the Yegi Premium Glue if you're doing eyelashes and you're not super fast at it just yet and if you are working really fast already I would recommend the Yegi mega hold glue because the mega hold glue is a 1-second glue so it works really really well if you're pretty quick at application.

How Do I Improve My Lashing Time?

Normally a full set should take about two hours, and a fill should take about an hour. A volume set might take you a little bit longer depending on your experience. The way I teach my students to speed up their application time is by actually timing themselves. Something happens subconsciously when you see the clock ticking next to you - you end up applying faster. So, if you really want to work on your time go ahead and put a timer to do your set and slowly you can decrease that timer and you'll be able to do a full set and you'll be able to do more lashes on the client's natural eyelashes in less time.

There's definitely more information to beautify your mind with for this question, so watch the video to learn!

Pre-Made Vs. Hand-Made Fans

Listen in to see a crafted opinion, and see the detailed differences between the two.

How Do I Clean the Silicone Lash Holder?

The best way to clean it is with soap and water, but I personally don't really like using it because it can look dirty really easily and it's not really presentable for your clients so I personally prefer to use the magnetic lash older instead.

How Do You Apply Lashes on The Left Eye When You’re Right Handed?

I tilt the head a little bit to the right so then the left eye is more directly in front of me then it's easier for me to apply if that doesn't work I slightly shift my chair a little bit to the side so then I'm kind of diagonal or in the corner of the bed and that's when I lash and it makes it easier for me to do the left eye this technique also helps if you're doing inner corners and outer corners.

How Do I Properly Isolate?

Watch the video to witness the magic.

How To Create A Wispy Classic Look?

Watch the video for the mapping.

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