Attention For Retention

Attention For Retention

Yegi Beauty was first born as a salon, and still is growing to its fullest potential everyday. The more clients Yegi practiced on, the more she learned about retention. With that in her beautified mind, she developed her products. To match the supplies with the learning aspect of eyelash extensions, she included it in her Yegi Academy courses.

So, the Yegi Team can't help but notice that lash technicians tend to ask about retention, and how to have the best results.

As a lash artist, while building your clientele, your skills start to develop immensely, and that's when you can't help but wonder if there is a way to build efficiency in regards to retention. If you're potentially in the realm of the salon business, it's imperative to work towards this, as this is how you have loyal clients that know you give long-lasting lashes for them.

In her YouTube channel, [link is always provided below] Yegi zooms in on adhesives for retention. It starts at 4:25, and it has been provided at that section for your viewing convenience.

To put it in simpler terms, the breakdown of the adhesives is to better assist you based on where you are at in your lashing career.

- Mega Hold Adhesive: dries in one second. If you are fast at applying, the glue will dry much faster than other glues. Make sure you are on this level, as the glue dries so fast that if not done properly, it won't bond and retention will be lost.

- Premium Adhesive: dries in two seconds. Most commonly used among lash techs.

- Sensitive Adhesive: dries in three seconds. If you are new to the lash game, and apply eyelash extensions slowly, retention will take longer to accomplish.

If the products are used in the manner they are intended, this is the following retention results:

- 5-6 weeks retention for Mega Glue.
- 4-5 weeks retention for Premium.
- 4 weeks retention for Sensitive.

Also, change glue from the Yegi Beauty Glue Ring every 15-20 minutes for best retention. Wipe old drop of glue and add a new drop.

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